Check What Financial Help You Can Get From HMRC

HMRC has provided a useful checklist to help taxpayers understand any tax relief they may be entitled to. While the list is not comprehensive, it does offer some help in understanding what is available for those struggling financially. Here we break down the key points and offer a few pieces of information that may help you decide what to claim as you scan HMRC’s checklist.

Child Benefit – There is no mention in HMRC’s information of the high income child benefit tax charge which often makes higher earners think that it is not beneficial to claim. However, it is worth noting that, in some instances, it may be worth claiming the child benefit but electing not to receive it so that national insurance credits are obtained and also in order that the child will automatically be issued a national insurance number when they reach 16.

Tax Free Childcare – There has been a low uptake of this which could be due to the misleading name. This is not actually a tax relief but a state benefit, available to many parents to help cover the cost of childcare.

Tax Relief on Employment Expenses – The guidance and online claims service provided by HMRC is much improved in recent years so make this your go-to to check what you are eligible to claim.

Transferrable Marriage Allowance – Many who are entitled to this do not claim it so definitely check if you’re eligible. We recommend that you review your eligibility regularly, however, because seemingly small changes in circumstance can change your entitlement situation.

Help to Save – While this help is available to those claiming universal or working tax credits, it is noted by critics that the majority of eligible individuals will simply not have the disposable income to save regularly.

Payment of Tax in Instalments – HMRC, generally speaking, are willing to receive tax payments in instalments. It is always advisable to speak with HMRC at the earliest possible time and set up a time to pay arrangement to avoid fees and chasing.

See HMRC's full checklist here:

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