New Local Lockdown Payments

On the 9th September the government announced that businesses in England required to close because of government imposed local lockdowns or restrictions are entitled to a new grant. What's available?

Business rates:

The amount of the grant depends on the rateable value of the business premises. Those in premises with a rateable value of £51,000 or more are entitled to £1,500 for each three-week period. The grant can be claimed for each property occupied by the business. Businesses with properties with a lower rateable value are entitled to £1,000. If you rent your premises but someone else is responsible for the business rates you can also claim the grant. In addition, businesses not required to close because of a local lockdown but hit financially by it can apply to their local authority for a discretionary payment on similar terms.

As with all government coronavirus-related grants the payments are taxable income but are outside the scope of VAT.

A new grant of up to £1,500 per three weeks is available to businesses forced to close or financially affected by a local lockdown. The grant counts as income for direct tax purposes. It is claimed from your local authority.

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