An update regarding COVID-19

(credit to Advance Tapes International for images)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a further easing of lockdown restrictions, including allowing some businesses to move to 1 metre social distancing.

This has provided us with an opportunity to assess what we do and whether we should change any of the processes that we currently have in place.

Our assessment concluded that we do not currently plan to make any changes at the present time. In fact, we believe that we now need to be more vigilant.

The easing of the lockdown increases the risk of transmission as we all begin to meet more people and visit settings with 1 metre social distancing rather than 2 metre social distancing. This increases the risk that we bring an infection in to work.

As we have seen elsewhere, if there is an outbreak at K2 Management Solutions, KD3 Accountancy Services or D&D Accountancy Services we would be forced to close down and begin self isolation, which would be disastrous for our recovery.

Therefore, we will be maintaining all of our current measures including 2 metre social distancing in the workplace, working from home wherever possible and limiting movement between sites.

We will be asking our staff to make sensible decisions in regards to their social distancing in order to protect their own health and safety as well as their colleagues, family and friends.

So, let’s enjoy the greater freedom but stay vigilant at work and home.

Best wishes,

K2 Management Solutions

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