Congratulations to our clients, Freemans Event Partners!

We'd like to take a moment to offer a huge congratulations to our client, Freemans Event Partners, for their inclusion in Gloucestershire's 50 Leading Entrepreneurs report.

Judges described Mr Freeman as a serial entrepreneur. "He has helped take the firm on in leaps and bounds. He saw the need for a wholesaler and set it up," said one of the judges. "The company is constantly evolving and investing in different things". Freemans Event Partners has now been supporting events in the UK for four decades. Its services centre around food and drink provision. But in a sign of how innovative it has become, it also offers a full range of technology and IT services for event goers and concessionaires, including mobile Wi-Fi, EPOS and contactless payment methods. From a couple of outlets, it has grown to a business that reaches over 15 million people each year at over 400 events.

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