Minimum Pension Contributions

Auto Enrolment Pension Contributions are increasing from 6th April 2018 and again in April 2019. Employers will be required to take steps to prepare for the increase in minimum contributions to their employee pension pots.

Unless employers pay the full minimum contribution, employees will need to make up the difference in shortfall. See expected contributions below:

Date Effective Employer M.C Employee M.C Total M.C

Until 5th April 2018 1% 1% 2%

6th April 2018 2% 3% 5%

6th April 2019 3% 5% 8%

Employers and employees have the right to contribute above the minimum contributions should they wish, however it is the employers responsibility to ensure that all of the auto enrolment duties are met and that pension contributions are deducted correctly.

Most pension schemes should help support employers with communications to members, either by providing template letters or handling the direct communications for them.

If you are an employer looking for additional support to implement and manage Auto Enrolment or Financial Account Management contact us today on 0115 7844664 or email

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