HMRC Employer Webinars

Whether you’re a new or an experienced employer, there’s plenty of free online help available from HMRC. You can ask questions using the on-screen text box on all live webinars.

Statutory Sick Pay: We’ll show you what to do when an employee goes off sick, the qualifying conditions, how to calculate Statutory Sick Pay and when to pay it.

Monday 19 February – midday to 1pm

Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay: This webinar is for businesses with employees who are having a baby. We’ll explain what payments you can make and how to work them out.

Wednesday 21 February – 11am to midday

Shared Parental Pay and leave: Parents can share pay and leave during the year following the birth of their child. We’ll tell you about employers’ responsibilities and the records to keep.

Thursday 22 February – 11am to midday

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