Time to check the sofa! Less than TWO WEEKS left to spend your old £1 coins.

You have just days left to get rid of your old one pound coins before they cease to be legal tender.

Following the introduction of the new 12-sided coin earlier this year the old round ones will no longer be taken in shops from October 15.

After that date you will no longer be able to pay with the round coin, which were first introduced in 1983 when they replaced the old £1 note.

However, for a limited period, banks and post offices will still allow customers to deposit old £1 coins into their bank account, though no date has been set for when this will stop being the case.

Some banks also may only accept the coins in bags of 20, instead of just the odd one or two, so it might be worth cracking open your piggy bank and having a rummage behind the back of the sofa.

It was recently estimated that up to 500 million round pound coins are still in circulation, and there is still a chance you could be handed one by retailers. A Royal Mint spokesperson said: ‘We would encourage you to spend, bank or donate your round £1 coins before October 15.'

So make sure you're not caught out, and go on a hunt for those old £1 coins and spend them!

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