Why Apprentices are good for your business

K2 & KD3 firmly believe in growing and developing employees from within the business. Apprenticeships are a big part of the business strategy.

A well-designed and supported apprenticeship programme is a clear and effective way to introduce and develop new talent into the business.

1. A tailored approach

As the employer is responsible for the training delivery, you have the opportunity to ensure that the apprentice is trained in the specific skills required by the business.

2. Stand out from the crowd It is clear that today’s consumers want to buy from and work with companies that are doing their bit to support society as a whole, and that includes giving opportunities to young people. It is evident within K2 that apprentices bring a different energy and vibrance to the team.

3. Motivate your team

For an apprentice to succeed, they require the support of the company as a whole. From our experience, we’ve found that colleagues across the company have jumped at the chance to share their knowledge and experience with our apprentices – especially those who have completed an apprenticeship themselves!

4. Cost effective training

Depending on eligibility, the Government can potentially cover the entire cost of training for an apprentice. This is an opportunity to develop the skills and talent of an individual who has the potential to become an important part of your team in a cost effective way.

Committing to supporting young apprentices is an important part of strengthening, shaping and securing talent for the company in the future.

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