Management Accounting

Management Accounting should enable you to make informed business decisions by providing regular, timely and relevant financial and statistical information. It is the lifeblood of all well run businesses, used to drive performance, inform strategy, maximise profit, enable comprehensive analyses and highlight issues. 

It is vital that financial reporting ‘paints vivid picture from the numbers’ and give you the confidence to make sound reliable decision making.

We work with you to identify and implement strong financial controls.  We understand that every company is different so we work closely with our clients to a bespoke reporting solution.

Central to good quality management accounting is solid accurate booking and we help supervise your financial administrators and act as an accounting HELP line.

Our MENU choices of management accounting options include (as one size rarely fits all).

  • Prepayments & accruals - Inputting/recording  of sales invoices 

  • Fixed Asset Register - Additions, Depreciation

  • Profit & Loss Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Budget vs Actual - A comparison and identification of variances

  • Actual vs  last year - A comparison and identification of variances

  • Stock & WIP - Identification & reporting

  • Taxation provisions  - Reconciliation of system to bank statements

  • Finance report  - A report in clear English not accounting speak

  • Year End Accounts File  - A file & backup  ready for your accountants 

"I have struggled for years to find really good accounting staff; Kym and his team make it seem so simple. Since working with K2, we always have the right information at our finger tips. The daily advice has become imperative to our business. 

Our company has quite complex accounting needs and we have often struggled to keep supplier payments and rebates in good order. Arran has handled the task masterfully and saves our business money!" 

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