Financial Directorships

& Advisory

Good quality financial support, interpretation and leadership is vital to any business, irrespective of size. At K2 Management Solutions we understand how an experienced Financial Director can help you to make well-informed decisions, drive performance and increase responsibility and accountability in the business.

We recognise that SME’s can’t always afford a full-time Financial Director. Therefore, we provide a cost-effective, part-time or interim solution for businesses seeking a high calibre Financial Controller, or Financial Director, to effectively manage the end-to-end Accountancy function, or to support an incumbent team with project work.

A passion and understanding of YOUR business is a key part of our business values. K2 Management Solution’s independence and specialist experience has proven essential when dealing with difficult financial decisions. Giving you greater confidence in your finance function and allowing for the development of long-term profitability and business value strategies.


Our Financial Directorship services usually encompass regular ‘board’ meetings to create discipline both in looking at the numbers and general discussions.

“We have worked with K2 for 3 ½ years and in that time Kym has proved invaluable delivering the financial element of our strategy. Kym’s refreshing approach, depth of knowledge and expertise has enabled our continued financial growth.


Kym takes the time to understand the business, not a one size fits all approach, building  strong effective relationships that continue to stand the tests of time.”

Groovy UK Limited

The K2 Management Solution’s Financial Directorship and Advisory team can also help with:


  • Financial modelling

  • Attending bank meetings

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Funding Solutions (Bank, Venture Capitalists, and peer to peer lenders)

  • Setting and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Creating ‘flash’ reports

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